Oxholme Farm Produce



We have been growing Potatoes on the farm for over 50 years.  The current varieties are Saxon, Picasso and Melody.  


Saxon is an established variety, valued for its all round capabilities and good flavour.  Saxon have white skin and a creamy coloured flesh.


We have grown Picasso since 2010 and due to its popularity has been retained since.  Picasso is a well established variety with white skin and creamy coloured flesh.  They are good sized and have very good all round cooking capabilities.


More recently we have also introduced Melody.  Melody is now the most popular table variety grown in the UK due to its excellent eating qualities.  Our early impressions are very promising.






Potatoes are planted in April and we normally start lifting in early September.



Potatoes are now sold in three different sized bags.  We continue to offer the 12.5kg and 25kg bags and we have now introduced the convenient 5kg size bags which have proved very popular.


Pricing is reviewed at the start of each season.