Oxholme Farm Produce



We have been growing strawberries on site for over 40 years.  We only grow one variety - Centenary.  This is an established, proven variety and is the one of the most widely grown varieties.  It has earned its reputation through its shiny appearance, excellent shelflife and above all, beautiful flavour.  


We now grow all our strawberries under polytunnels, which improves quality, reduces the need for chemical sprays and means the weather now rarely disrupts our picking.



Strawberries normally start from the mid May and hopefully last into July.  


All our strawberries are picked by family members and no external labour is employed.  This means we can guarantee the quality of the fruit sold to you.


We do not offer pick your own facilities.



Strawberries are always sold in 1 lb (454g) punnets.   The price is normally £2.50 per punnet.


Strawberries are usually available on the farm stall from May to July.